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Marriage counselling

You are facing relationship issues in your couple or in your marriage? You see no solution to your situation and feel like giving up on your relationship? Before you take the final step of breaking up or divorcing, be aware that marriage counselling can save your couple! Don't wait till your couple has reached a no turning back point before deciding to speak to our marriage counsellor who can guide your couple through this difficult phase and grow stronger!

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Pre marriage counselling will help you understand each other's need to plan an healthy relationship ahead. Pre marital counselling is an important phase to help prevent conflicts and strenghten your relationship compatibility. Studies have shown couples that have gone through pre marriage counselling are happier in their marriage. So don't wait, talk to a counsellor now!

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Relationship & Family counselling

Are you facing relationship issues in your family with your parents, children, siblings or in-laws? Whatever it is, our counsellors will help you understand the core reason of your family relation problem, and help you build psychological tools that will enable you to solve these issues.

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Coaching & Invividual counselling

There are many areas where you may require counselling at an individual level. That can be to help overcome anxiety or depression, manage your stress or anger, deal with intimate or sexual issues, help you better understand your needs or plan your professional career. Our counsellors are here to coach you throughout each phase of your life from adolescence to adulthood and old age.

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Registration with Marriage Counselling is totally free! You can avail our free ressources and also send questions to our online counsellors regarding your marital issues or other topics. Our counsellors are experienced trained psychologists and will always respect your privacy... You are from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or from any other North Indian cities, so register now!

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Once you are ready for a session, proceed with session purchase on our partner's booking platform. Feel free to ask the counsellor if you don't know how many sessions to buy. A normal marriage counselling therapy usually takes 8 sessions. Don't miss discounts on packs!

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With Marriege Counselling in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other North Indian cities, you can book a session from Monday to Friday from 9.15AM to 9.15PM as well as on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning. You can select a session of 60 or 90 minutes.

Step 4: Talk to the counsellor

Choose 60 min or 90 min, on phone or video call!

You are ready for your marriage counselling or relationship counselling session? Make sure you sit at a comfortable, quiet place where there will be no disturbance. If you choose a online counselling session on Skype, ensure your Internet connection is good. We recommand using Wifi rather than 3G connection. Good luck!

  • I felt so released talking to your counsellor. She was so sympathetic, intelligent thus simple to converse with. She was additionally ready to give me the capacity and energy to solve the relationship with my husband in just a few sessions. Your are an uncommon and valuable blessing...
    Swati G.

    Lives in Delhi, Married, 31, 1 son

  • The counsellor trained me in being able to cope up with my anxieties and fears. She also helped me in assertive communication while I can create healthy boundaries between me and my wife. She also helped her understand her weaknesses as well as needs, while helping her to work on them. With Richa’s help we could come back together after a few months of separation...
    Anand Goyal

    Lives in Gurgaon, Married, 42, 2 children

  • I have been in an abusive marriage and completely lost my self esteem. Though the abusive episodes have been rare but they still left scars on my heart. With the help of counselling with Dr. Richa i could realise my emotions, express them and cope up with them. After this I could convince my husband for counselling as well and he has started realising my needs as well. So far it is going much better than before and we are continuing with counselling...
    Supriya K.

    Lives in Mumbai, Married, 27, no children

  • I was so depressed living in the UK away from my family, marital problems felt so alien and worthless as well as hopeless. The counsellor helped me to increase my self esteem, develop better social skills and work on my marriage relationship by assertive communication, realisation of my needs and helping me understand alternative perspectives. Online counselling helped me get help despite living so far away from India...
    Saif Ali

    Lives in UK, Married, 44, 1 daughter

  • I live in so much of anxiety and stress that I cannot express. The counsellor has been able to help me process my emotions and cope with them. My thoughts have become healthier and I am starting to live a goal directed life. I could also understand my experiences today in relation to my childhood which makes me understand and accept myself. I am more tolerant towards my shortcomings and open to keep practising and building skills. All of this has affected my marital life a lot and now after a few sessions with the counsellor my spouse is more supportive of my emotional health...

    Lives in Noida, Married, 36

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